Shoe Care

Take care of your sole

Even shoes from the store might need to be re-soled. Make sure you have a good amount of sole on the bottom of your shoe; otherwise you will wear through it and ruin the shoe. You can go to a good cobbler and he or she will put on taps or re sole the shoe for a nominal fee. Prevention is key! Prolonging the life of your investment is paramount.


If the shoe fits

Whether you are narrow or wide or have a pinch at the top of your shoes be mindful when you are purchasing your beauties. Take a couple of laps. Look in the mirror more than once. Bring a friend and get their opinion. Make sure you are doing due diligence to make sure they fit. When you get home, unbox them and walk around the house in them for a week before you take them for a stroll outside. I know it is so tempting to go outside in your latest kicks but trust me; you really want to make sure that they fit before they hit prime time.

Heel Toe Heel Toe

The first sign of a worn shoe is the heel yet it is the easiest thing to fix. Take your worn heels (including boots!) to your local cobbler and get new heels put on. A boot will be pricier, but well worth your money. I have had the same pair of black leather knee length motorcycle boots for 10 years. I also have had the same pair of black sky high Mary-Janes for 8 years.

Shine On

There’s nothing like a little shine to bring out the best in your shoes. I can’t say how frequent you should shine your shoes but if it’s been a while, go for it! You can easily do this on your own or for a nominal fee get them done at a department store or on the street in the City. Your local cobbler will also shine your shoes when you get them serviced. Do your homework when finding your local cobbler. He or she will become one of your most important people!

With a little love and care your shoes can last for years on end. Take care!

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