Quick and Easy Stuffed Bell Peppers

Cheesy Goodness

Stuffed bell peppers contain healthy items like tofu, rice, corn and whatever other vegetables you want to include making the dish your own. The star of the show is the cheese! It melts over the healthy stuff and envelopes everything to create a cocoon of deliciousness. When making stuffed bell peppers be sure to use about ¼ cup of cheese (or non dairy alternative) and press firmly to ensure that the cheese will stay in place.


The Pepper

When making stuffed bell peppers it’s all about the pepper – find one that is nice and round and curves outward. Something that can hold a great amount of goodies and will cut open nicely. Be sure the bell peppers you get are fresh and crisp; a slightly old bell pepper makes for a poor dish. My color preference is green, red is also very popular.

Let’s get cooking

I stir fry the items going into the peppers before they go into the peppers that go into the oven. Once the items have been thoroughly cooked at medium high heat, transfer the veggies and tofu and rice into the peppers with a spatula or spoonula. Cook the peppers at 325 for 25 minutes.

Plate and serve

Stuffed bell peppers are the stars of the show so I don’t tend to make side dishes with them. Make sure your peppers have grill marks on the bottom; this can be achieved by cooking them on a cookie sheet. Anything deeper can result in mushy bell peppers. There is no particular correct way to eat a stuffed bell pepper, just dig in!

I hope you enjoy this treat as much as we do.


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