Quiche, Onions and Mom

Do you know what an emulsion is? Neither did I until recently.

Chicken Curry Grape Salad and Quiche with Mom in the City

The whir of the blender creates an emulsion. Something totally foreign, yet so familiar to my mom. She’s teaching me how to make the salad dressing to my favorite salad. Whirr goes the blender in my cozy San Francisco apartment. An egg goes in after some curry powder and et voila we have salad dressing. It is creamy and delicious and wraps around the chicken and grapes so delicately.

Grocery Store Adventures and Quiche

Having my mom visit the City and bring her treasure trove of goodies with her was wonderful. Going to the grocery store was a bit like a goose hunt, finding all of the foreign yet familiar ingredients to make our favorite dishes. Quiche was the next night. I didn’t have a grater so I showed her my small apartment hack which is precisely folding the cheese into fourths over and over until the slices are folded as if they were ironed into perfect squares. Mountains of Swiss cheese came of this practice and it made for a delicious quiche.

Quiche Secrets

Our secret is adding nutmeg to the quiche; it counterbalances the dairy and the spinach. We folded so many Swiss squares that I still have some in my fridge, a memory of her being here. Quiche makes an excellent breakfast; the eggs and crust are just divine.  Be sure to not chop your onions too finely. That was a mistake I had been making unknowingly for years. A rough chop on the onions brings out the brightness and flavor in a more delicate way than if you were to finely chop them as I had been doing. It makes them taste almost sweeter.

Ultimate Comfort at the Super Bowl

Quiche is a dish that is ultimate comfort food for me. I think my mom has made it to celebrate and to console. I have even made the dish for a Super Bowl party as mini quiches, which was incredibly laborious but totally worth it. My quiche has double the spinach as my moms. I find this gives it a more nutty flavor and balances out the cream and cheese a bit for me. Instead of adding the spinach mix into the eggs and cream cream I take two packages of spinach and place pieces on top of the quiche with my hands and then once satisfied with the layout of the spinach I pour the cream mixture on top. This means about 10 more minutes cooking time but it is worth it. Be sure to add a bit extra nutmeg too.

Now if this were for my husband, I’d remove the onions but he’d enjoy everything else, especially the bacon! We’d take this to Huntington Park and watch the dogs and the fountain and enjoy a nice picnic in the City.

kveus4600sHuntington Park, San Francisco 

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