Halloween is Here!

Day of the Dead Cookies

I saw the cutest Day of the Dead cookies when I was getting a latte and it made me realize, wow Halloween really is here! The basic yet intricate sugar cookie was so tempting I just had to find a recipe for it: https://leitesculinaria.com/97409/recipes-day-of-the-dead-cookies.html

Half Moon Bay Roses

My husband and I recently went to Half Moon Bay to visit the local pumpkin patch. Traffic aside, it was absolutely worth it. We came home with some pumpkins and also stopped by this florist that grows all of her own flowers. You walk down a yellow path to a refrigerated wonderland of flowers, all very fairly priced at different tiers. Sunflowers, roses, daisies, so many varieties of flowers were in this room. It was heavenly. She wrapped our bouquet up and we were off to the succulent yard!


Pumpkins Everywhere – how to celebrate in a small space

After living in the City for 10 years, I’ve had my share of different pumpkins. Big ones, medium ones, fairy-tale ones, all shapes and sizes. Let me tell you the very best pumpkin to get is the tiniest pumpkin you can find. Get a few, we usually get an assortment of 3 and arrange them on our table. If they sell blue corn, get a few stalks of that to use as end caps. It will look glamorous and you won’t have to deal with the heavy pumpkin that is taking up space.


Costumes on a dime

My City is known for costumes even when it isn’t Halloween. So when it is a day to dress up, people go all out. My biggest learning experience is to first use what you have, you’d be surprised what you already have in your closet. Next, go to Goodwill. They have fantastic options – I walked out the door head to toe for $17 one year, suede white fringe boots included for a Snowy costume (Tin Tin’s dog). Be resourceful, you never know what is in your backyard.

Halloween is all about self expression, so make your statement!


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